The Different Types Of MRI Machines

Medical technology has advanced lightyears since the times of early man. Nowadays, specialized medical equipment that can examine the smallest cells of the body is used to treat and prevent illness and disease in billions of people worldwide.

One of the most accurate machines for examining the internal functions of a patient is an MRI machine. An MRI uses powerful magnetic fields to x-ray the body’s physical processes and systems. With it, medical professionals can determine the cause of a condition, the progress of healing, or the effectiveness of treatment.

There are three types of MRI machines that serve widely different purposes. If you are about to undergo an MRI procedure, check out the following guide to the types of MRI machines you might be examined by.

MRI Machines

MRI machines that examine the internal and external functions of extremities are most commonly found in general practitioner offices or emergency rooms. These are closed machines that require a patient to slide into a tube and remain still during the imaging process.

These machines are best used for the examination of:

·    Arthritis

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·    Stress Injuries

·    Nerve Damage

·    Bone Fractures

·    Infections & Tumors

MRI Machines

An open machine implies that a patient must lay down on an MRI table with a scanner attached at the top rather than in an enclosed scanning tube. These machines are a lot more comfortable for patients to use, and often, an oasis open mri in New Jersey is the preferable way of scanning patients.

MRI Machines

Much like an extremity MRI machine, closed machines also utilize an enclosed tube to perform MRI scans. However, these specially designed closed units tend to have more scanning and processing power in order to create more detailed images of internal processes and conditions.