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  • 景觀陽台(1F戶外庭園)

    每間客房皆有專屬戶外庭園(或私人景觀露台),輕推開窗,陽光灑落室內 、微風輕拂,碧綠山景及藍天連成一片,心情也隨著舒暢輕快了。

  • 貼心設施


  • 舒適寬敞空間


  • 免費WIFI無線上網


Hot Springs Hotel
Enjoying the beautiful valley scenery in the comfortable zone

The hotel possesses 119 carefree and luxurious guest rooms, the spacious space along with extraordinary display making you feel at ease and relaxed. You can take a sip of coffee in the private outdoor garden, from which you can appreciate the blue sky and beautiful mountains, just indulging in the pure and natural phytoncide and sunshine. The happy day slips away through the fingers and the wonderful life spreading out.


    The bright hue and simple pattern makes you happier when on vacation, you can catch the charming views of mountains and pastoral landscapes from the windows; at nightfall the studded twinkling stars and slight rice fragrance make your heart peaceful. The holiday has become a way of pursuing happiness.

  • 【送料無料】 FALKEN ファルケン エスピア W-ACE 215/45R17 17インチ スタッドレスタイヤ ホイール4本セット BRANDLE ブランドル M69B 7J 7.00-17 フジコーポレーション


    The greens throughout the mountain take away the worries, the paddy in the fields flying with the wind, casual and free. There are various beds for choosing. Invite some friends or your families to travel and accommodate here, cheer up your holidays.


    【USA在庫あり】 バーネット Barnett クラッチ ケーブル HD店 プラチナ +6 TYPE-S【通常ポイント10倍!】 480947 HD

    The picturesque East Rift Valley catches visitors’ eyes, enjoy the leisure afternoon hours and the "beauty hot spring"relieve your heart and body. As if the time is stopping and full happiness makes your vacation more wonderful.

From the spacious room you can have an easy glance of East Rift Valley, just sit by the window and enjoy the welcoming gifts and have tea or immerse yourself in the exclusive sodium bicarbonate hot spring and appreciate the seasonal beauty of Chinshang!

  • Private observation deck

    Each room is equipped with private outdoor garden (or private landscape terrace), open the window gently, the sunshine slipping in and the soft breeze sweeping over. The green mountain views and blue sky intertwine with each other, all of which make you happy and comfortable.

  • Considerate facilities

    You can enjoy the indoor natural sodium bicarbonate hot springs without going out. The whole set of bathroom supplies and separated bathroom facilities makes the holiday much easier and convenient.

  • Comfortable and spacious space

    The over 15-ping guest room with colorful decorations and the natural scenery outdoor makes the space comfortable; multiple beds are available for you to choose.

  • Free WIFI

    The wired network and WIFI are accessible in the whole area, you can seek for the tour information, local specialties and share the photos freely.